Joan O. Asamaigor

    Joan O. Asamaigor is a Nigerian entrepreneur and the CEO of JBronze Boutique - a luxury beauty and fashion retail store that specializes in the sale of beauty products, and accessories. Joan is widely regarded as one of the most successful young entrepreneurs in Nigeria's beauty industry.



    Joan's entrepreneurial journey began in 2012 when she launched JBronze Boutique. The store started as a small beauty and fashion retail store in Lagos, Nigeria, but it has since grown to become one of the most popular beauty stores in the country. JBronze Boutique now has two branches in Lagos, Nigeria, and an online store that serves customers all over the world.

    Joan's success in the beauty industry can be attributed to her dedication, hard work, and passion for entrepreneurship. She is known for her excellent customer service, attention to detail, and commitment to providing high-quality products and services to her clients.

    In addition to running JBronze Boutique, Joan is also a beauty consultant and has worked with several notable brands in the beauty industry. She has also been featured in several publications, including ThisDay Live and Smartpreneur.


    Joan's journey as an entrepreneur was not without its challenges. When she first launched JBronze Boutique, she faced several setbacks, including limited funding and a lack of support from some people in her life. However, she persevered and remained focused on her vision for the business, which eventually paid off.

    JBronze Boutique has become a popular destination for beauty and fashion enthusiasts in Nigeria and beyond. The store offers a wide range of beauty products, including makeup, skincare, haircare, and fragrances, from some of the most prestigious brands in the world.

    Joan is passionate about empowering other women to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. This is evident in her many interviews and features in the media and in print.

    Overall, Joan O. Asamaigor's entrepreneurial journey and her success with JBronze Boutique has made her a respected figure in Nigeria's beauty and fashion industry. Her commitment to excellence, customer service, and community empowerment continue to inspire and influence young entrepreneurs in Nigeria and beyond.

    Joan has received several awards and recognition for her contributions to the beauty industry in Nigeria and has also been featured in several international publications, including Guardian, ThisDay Live, Smartpreneu, and LA Mode Magazine alongside others. The store's online presence and social media accounts have attracted a large following of beauty and fashion enthusiasts from all over the world.




    She is a philanthropist and is actively involved in several charitable organizations in Nigeria.

    In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Joan launched a charity initiative called "JBronze Foundation" in 2020. The foundation provided food, medical supplies, and financial assistance to vulnerable communities in Lagos, Nigeria, during the lockdown period. She and her team at JBronze Boutique also donated personal protective equipment (PPE) to frontline healthcare workers in Lagos.



    Joan O. Asamaigor's success in the beauty industry is a testament to her hard work, dedication, and passion for entrepreneurship. As the CEO of JBronze Boutique, she has carved a niche for herself in Nigeria's beauty industry and has become a role model for young entrepreneurs in the country. With her exceptional leadership skills and commitment to excellence, Joan is set to continue making a significant impact in the beauty industry for years to come.






    JBronzeBoutique is a Lagos-based beauty and fashion store that has made a name for itself in the Nigerian beauty industry. The store, which was founded by entrepreneur Joan O. Asamaigor, has become a go-to destination for beauty enthusiasts and fashionistas in Nigeria and beyond.

    Joan, who had always been passionate about beauty and fashion, decided to turn her passion into a business in 2012 when she founded JBronzeBoutique. The store, which started as a small online shop, quickly grew in popularity thanks to its high-quality products and excellent customer service.

    Today, JBronzeBoutique is a thriving business with a flagship store located in the Sixty9 Mall, 69B Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, 106104, Lekki, Lagos. The store features a modern and luxurious interior design, with a wide selection of beauty products and designer fashion items on display. Customers can browse through an extensive collection of hair products, makeup products, skincare products, hair care products, and fashion accessories from top brands both locally and internationally.

    One of the unique selling points of JBronzeBoutique is its commitment to providing its customers with high-quality beauty products that are tailored to the needs of African hair.

    JBronzeBoutique has also gained a reputation for excellent customer service. The store's staff members are knowledgeable and friendly, and they are always ready to assist customers with their beauty and fashion needs. Joan has spoken about the importance of creating a positive shopping experience for her customers and of building long-lasting relationships with them.

    In addition to running JBronzeBoutique, Joan is also a beauty influencer and a philanthropist. She has used her platform to empower other women in the beauty industry and to give back to her community. She has spoken about the challenges she faced as a female entrepreneur in Nigeria and about the importance of supporting other women in business.

    Overall, JBronzeBoutique has become a household name in the Nigerian beauty industry, thanks to its commitment to quality, inclusivity, and customer service. As the store continues to expand and reach new heights, it remains a shining example of what can be achieved through hard work, dedication, and a passion for beauty and fashion.



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