• "Nigeria Is Fast Turning Into A Tech-driven Society" - Engr. Charles Aluge

     In a recent Meet and Greet Press Parley in Abuja, a Tech Expert and Technology Solution Provider, Charles Osaretin Aluge emphasized on the need for small and medium scale businesses to embrace the use of online payment systems to provide digital payment solutions. "This will help streamline transactions and reduce cost," he said.

    The co-founder of Eron Technologies Limited further applauded the Nigerian Federal Government's approach "in promoting tech-driven awareness in our society".

    “If you look deeply at the Nigerian business environment, you will realized we are beginning to embrace practical models. We are gradually evolving around a fully digitized society that helps governance improve productivity with process automation.

    Of course, there is no debate that automating business processes contributes to a country’s success.

    "People and processes are the foundation of every nation. Process automation in accounts payable, marketing, sales, customer service, and human resources are essential if a business wants to grow and succeed versus just surviving. Automation reduces human intervention, so workflows are streamlined and standardized. In addition, errors are reduced, there will be accountability, costs are lowered, and the Government becomes more agile. It simply helps to reduce corruption too,” he said.

    Mr. Charles Osaretin Aluge who is a graduate in Electrical/Electronics Engineering from Ambrose Alli University and holds a Masters in Business Administration from the Prestigious Aston University, Birmingham, UK; also spoke on effective ways the Government can partner with young Tech-preneurs across the country.

    “As a trained Information Technology expert with a vast experience in providing technology solutions across various projects in public and private sector led organization, I started my career as a network engineer, and I have since assumed several key roles as a Senior Project Manager, Senior Business Analyst and lead consultant in reputable technology organizations. I have been opportuned to lead multiple Process Automation, Digital transformation, and Change management initiatives. Such organisations include POSSAP Solutions Ltd, where I provided IT leadership roles in the full digitalization of Police Specialized Services known as POSSAP for the Nigeria Police Force. There must be a convergence of the needs of process automation and information governance. The good news is that a number of companies in Nigeria that provide business process outsourcing and business process automation technology see this need in the market and are responding. There has been rapid adoption of cloud technologies, and the low cost of digital storage is making these solutions more affordable. As organizations consider the business process automation that fits their needs, consider these points”, he further said.

    “The Nigerian Government has a couple of agencies like NiTDA, NACA, etc. These organisations can come in handy by partnering with our tech experts across the board. Business process automation and proper information governance are equally important and must coexist. A digital transformation strategy that does not incorporate both is not complete. Nigeria is in that process, and I want to commend the Government for their efforts thus far in introducing policies that will create a swift flow for digitization. This would clearly enhance economic recovery,” he further added.

    Engineer Charles Osaretin Aluge is a member of the Beta Gamma Sigma, an international Business Honourable Society. He is a member of Nigeria Society of Engineers (MNSE). He is involved in various charities and Non-for-Profit Organization initiatives providing coaching and mentoring classes for youths in tech.

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