• ”A Woman of Influence": Blessing Inyang, Ceo of B &B Luxury Paved Way in Luxury Industry


    Get ready to be inspired as we sit down with Blessing Inyang, the extraordinary entrepreneur behind B&B Luxury Hair.

    Known for her visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to quality, Blessing has taken the hair industry by storm, redefining standards of excellence. In this exclusive interview, we delve into Blessing's journey, her entrepreneurial spirit, and the driving force behind B&B Luxury Hair's rapid success.
    Join us as we uncover the secrets behind her remarkable achievements, gain insights into the world of luxury hair, and discover the woman behind the brand that's revolutionizing the industry.

    What inspired you to start B&B Luxury Hair?

    What inspired B&B Luxury is to become an entrepreneur for various motives that include generating wealth,a vision of transforming people’s lives with what I sell,autonomy and a sense of accomplishment.

    Can you tell us about the products and services that B&B Luxury Hair offers?

    B&B luxury hair offers great opportunities to people that wants to start up a business with small amounts of money,because our hairs are affordable and we’re truthful with the grade of hair.

    What sets B&B Luxury Hair apart from other hair companies?

    B&B luxury hair is outstanding,we don’t just advertise a particular hair and at the end of the day sends another hair to her customers,when we says it’s 100 percent,it’s definitely a 100 percent and we indicate the grade to our customers.

    How do you source your hair extensions and ensure their quality?

    I personally buy for my personal use then know the quality and also get guarantee from the company before buying for sell.

    Can you tell us about the process of creating a custom wig for a client?

    There are steps on how we create a custom wig for our client (1)we pick the lace cap and the hair(2)form the wig foundation (3)prep the hair and (4)start sewing our custom wig for our wonderful clients. Style it to look presentable.

    How do you ensure that your clients are satisfied with their purchases?

    Whenever we post our hairs online,then our clients would pick the one they love and pay for them,we make sure to send the exact hair they picked  and also make sure they receive the hairs in one piece without delay, then when they have received their products they actually make a video to us and with a huge smile on their face. That is how we know that they are satisfied with our service and we also get referrals from them.

    What has been the biggest challenge you've faced while running B&B Luxury Hair, and how did you overcome it?

    The biggest challenge that I faced while running B&B luxury,opening a shop where I  didn’t even sell as much as I should,business almost collapsed because I was loosing customers due to long distance that caused delay in transporting products to customers,and I finally overcame the challenges by relocating to a better place.

    How do you stay on top of current trends in the hair industry?

    Constant updates from the internet.

    Can you tell us about any upcoming product releases or collections?

    At the moment they are no new collection just that the company are now making luxury hair at low grade standards so it can be affordable for those who can’t afford the luxury hair.

    How do you balance the creative and business aspects of running a hair company?

    I offer top-notch services as it’s only the way to retain customers for long and deliver what my customers want.

    What has been your proudest moment as CEO of B&B Luxury Hair?

    I have a store in Ghana I was very proud of myself when I was able to open another branch in Port Harcourt Nigeria

    Can you tell us about any philanthropic initiatives or charitable work that B&B Luxury Hair is involved in?

    I visit the orphanage home and give the little I can afford to them.

    How do you stay connected with your clients and maintain relationships with them?

    I treat my client as an Individual communicate effectively and Consistently. Timely, efficient communication is my be a priority with my clients.I share little Knowledge with them and I’m always open-minded.

    Can you tell us about any notable clients that B&B Luxury Hair has worked with?

    My neighbor she buys a lot from me and even tell all her friends to buy from me .

    What advice would you give to someone who is looking to start their own hair company?

    The person should be patient knowing that the competition in hair business is much and should know what is in market at that particular time.

    Can you tell us about any plans for expansion or growth for B&B Luxury Hair in the future?

    It’s to have different branches in Nigeria and outside Africa .

    How do you balance the demands of running a successful business with your personal life?

    Fixing my schedule on time  

    Can you tell us about any challenges or obstacles you faced when starting B&B Luxury Hair, and how you overcame them?

    Finances to start the hair business wasn’t easy customer do come to my house and wasn’t comfortable customer coming home to buy because our price was too cheap to be true, so I overcome it by saving and getting a store of my own

    How do you prioritize customer service and ensure that your clients have a positive experience with B&B Luxury Hair?

    I Listen, understand my customer's needs, thank my clients and promote a positive, helpful and friendly environment.

    What is your long-term vision for B&B Luxury Hair?

    Wow my vision for B&B Luxury Hair is to have branches everywhere where everyone feels comfortable and welcome. Our goal is that every client receives an outstanding service from the time they walk in, to the time they walk out.

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