• Serial Entrepreneur, Kika Good Hair Donates £10,000 to Small Business Owners Across London

    Kika Osunde, co-founder of Good Hair Ltd and Brass & Copper Lifestyle Ltd, has donated the sum of £10,000 through “The Kika Osunde Fund” to help small businesses in the UK experiencing the cost of living crisis in the country.

    The hair expert, who a few weeks ago, asked followers to send in their business plans and visions for the year 2023, thereafter picked only three winners and recipients of the fund.


    In an Instagram reel that has now gone viral, Kika Osunde was seen visiting each winner and presenting them with their respective cheques after driving over 12.5 hours across London, Liverpool and Nottinghamshire to do the giveaway.

    In an exciting mood, she said: “With The Kika Experience, it was important for me to create opportunities for small businesses to bloom and flourish. You guys have heard this story many times before but my mum gave me £800 to start Good Hair and now I stand here as a serial entrepreneur.

    “We are currently experiencing a cost of living crisis in the UK and I was adamant about giving someone the same opportunity my mum gave me. We were inundated with well-thought-out business plans and fantastic visions for ventures but there could only be three winners and recipients of The Kika Osunde Fund.

    “On 30/12/2022, I drove across the country with @ounoplus and visited each winner to present them with their cheques.

    “It was also great to see them in their workshops and talk to them one on one and hear about their plans for the future. These girls are talented and have a good, financially sound vision for the future.

    “I look forward to them turning their enterprises into million pound success stories. Well done ladies!”

    The giveaway of the fund was highly scrutinised and researched by independent business experts she said.


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