As predictions are already holding sway that the 2024 presidential and parliamentary polls will be the ‘the toughest in the history of Ghana, of course, there is no doubt that indeed the elections will be fiercely contested.

    A lot of questions are however in the build-up, unanswered on who would eventually clinch the highest office in the country. From a practical survey done across the board, analysis from pundits, and critical-mass perceptions from the country’s major Intelligentsia – one name that has constantly popped up is Hon. Kennedy Ohene Agyapong.

    For many who have shared opinions, they feel Mr. Agyapong understand that true allegiance is owed to the people and to the constitution, adding that this has made him to the candidate for the youths.

    Hon. Kennedy expresses his opinion about issues bothering the country constantly, and he does it without fear or favour.

    “He seems to have shown remarkable courage as a leader, as he has carried out robust projects that are beneficial to Ghanaians. He is fearless, he says it the way it is”, a student from a top Ghanaian University, Gwase Kwame said.

    He is currently a member of parliament representing Assin Central for the New Patriotic Party. He was first elected a member of parliament in 2000 to the seat of Assin North. He retained his seat in the 2004 and 2008 parliamentary elections.

    But while many feel there is a tough task ahead, a lot of Ghanaians have expressed their defiance over how the ruling party NPP has handled affairs in the country over the last couple of years.

    With the strength and strings, former President and opposition leader, John Mahama is pulling, permutations have it that whoever gets the horn to represent the ruling party has a lot of work to do.

    There are a few names lined up to win the party ticket. Favourites amongst this list is the current Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia, who has been tipped to take over the mantle from his Principal. Another name pulling buzz in the ruling party is, Alan John Kwadwo Kyerematen (popularly called Alan Cash), a Ghanaian politician, a corporate executive, a diplomat, and an international public servant who seems to hold a thrill in Ghana’s political peck.

    For the Vice President, millions of Ghanaians are questioning his ambition to become President. They feel there is nothing more to add. “The way Ghana is at the moment is not something to congratulate them on because those in Ghana see things differently from those outside the country.”, a popular Ghanaian columnist, Joel Savage penned in an article published on It is also worthy to note that the Ghanaian population is 70% Christians, and they don’t seem to be putting up any veneer for a Muslim President come 2024.

    Mr. Alan John Kwadwo Kyerematen may seem to have all the dutiful tendencies, and regional advantage where the bulk of voters come from; but doesn’t have the grassroots mileage to hit some electoral effectiveness that can break through the political fortress of John Mahama in the polls. Needless to say, his major idea to this administration ‘One District, One Factory’ failed halfway.

    Hon. Kennedy Ohene Agyapong has been tagged as a different political breed, even though he is not part of the final decision-making process. They may be right in their assertion, if we look at his achievements in the private sector, his political antecedents, and his scorecard, it all resonates deep down to millions of Ghanaians; they believe he has the capacity and experience to occupy the highest office in the country if they go the NPP way.

    Kennedy Agyapong is building Africa’s biggest cold store with a 31,000-tone capacity. The Assin Central lawmaker made the disclosure on the ‘Attitude’ show on his Net2 television. The cold store is an exciting feat indeed, it is one that puts Ghana on the global map once again.

    Hon. Kennedy gives premium to quality education and wants a highly motivated and educated populace to spur high-tech boom and bring rapid economic development to the country. He is kickstarting ‘The Road to School’ – a project he said will give one child one education across Africa.

    He looks like that pinup guy to drive direct foreign investment and tourism to Ghana. His first son, Ken Agyapong Jnr. is the co-founder of the Afrochella Festival in Ghana organized yearly to highlight unique millennial talents from and within Africa.

    According to a popular website, Kennedy Ohene Agyapong sent a homage gift to Ho on Friday for Togbe Afede XIV, the Agbogbomefia of the Asogli State as part of the ongoing Yam Festival and it was rejected. Perhaps, some part of the ruling class and elites don’t seem to share his political sentiments for his essence to always speak truths to power, even against his own party, but among the youths and the everyday Ghanaians, feelers have it that the youth population especially is tilting towards him to have a grip of his possibilities as they believe in him to make Ghana a better nation.

    A certain political pundit (name withheld) described Hon. Kennedy as a choice that satisfies the ordinary people’s delight without sacrificing merit, while calling on the NPP and President Akufo-Addo to allow a level playing ground during the party primaries.

    The pundit perceives that Mr. Kennedy behaves like an Nkrumah’s Protégé. The pundit perceives Hon. Kennedy is a technocratic and youth-savvy leader, who thinks about an all-inclusive Government.

    As the polls hit top flight in the weeks and months ahead, Hon. Kennedy is doubtless the candidate to beat if he declares for the highest office in Ghana.

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