• 5 steps on how to make money on Promovast
  • Promovast

    What is Promovast?

    Promovast is a digital skills acquisition center that specializes in the promotion of digital items (books, tutorials, courses, and more). Aside from that, it serves as an affiliate marketing and networking platform, through which various persons can generate income by encouraging one another to learn or acquire their skills pack.

    According to the company's official website; Promovast is an innovative creation that brings into existence two different programs on the same software.

    It's a technological development that seeks to ensure that the general affiliate marketing system is utilized efficiently and effectively.

    Everyone can become a member/user on Promovast because its aim and objective are to empower the country at large.

    On Promovast, you are your own boss, you work on your terms, you earn at your convenience, and get paid for almost doing nothing.

    Making money on Promovast

    When was launched?

    Promovast was launched on the 1st of May, 2022. This simply means is a fresh opportunity that you can harness.

    5 Easiest ways to make money on Promovast

    There may be other ways through which you can make legitimate income on Promovast, but I have decided to put up these 5 easiest ways which can easily work for you:

    1. Daily visit
    2. By referrals
    3. Video watching
    4. Viral video post
    5. Promovast registration bonus

    Promovast Withdrawal

    1. Withdrawal for Referrals

    How to withdraw from Promovast: Withdrawing on Promovast is very easy and simple. To withdraw your earnings on Promovast, all you have to do is to log in to your Promovast dashboard and click on "Withdraw". Fill in the withdrawal details like your bank details, your earnings, and so on. Once that is done, Promovast is going to pay you your earnings through the bank you supplied. But make sure that your bank details are correct to avoid stories that touch the heart.

    Withdrawal on Promovast for referrals is every Saturday, 12a.m to 09 a.m. Any second after this time frame, you will be getting the notification - "Withdrawal closed".

    Note that Promovast withdrawal credit may not arrive immediately, it may take a few hours to arrive after a successful application.

    Withdrawal for Non-Referrals is 20th of every month from 12a.m to 09a.m

    The minimum withdrawal is 10,000.

    Promovast Payment methods

    Currently, promovast pays majorly through the bank. Just fill in your local bank account details, and they will pay you through that. registration

    To register on promovast, you need a coupon that costs N2,000. This is the main cost of the registration, which is your registration fee.

    To get your coupon code for registration, you can click HERE to buy from the verified vendors on their website so you can then proceed to register with them by filling out the registration form.

    To learn more about them, click HERE

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