• Christian Youths Set To Begin “The Father’s House” Reality TV Show

     Nigerian Youths of Christian Faith are set to begin “The Father’s House” Reality TV Show, to combine spiritual and socio-economic principles towards promoting moral culture and national development.

    The Father’s House Reality TV Show is a God-inspired Faith-based development project intentionally designed to process the multi-dimensional benefits of redemption into a real-time solution module for Nigeria and Africa at large. It is the first of its kind.

    Addressing Pressmen in Abuja on Friday, the Project Director of the Reality TV Show, David Ibrahim worried that the media space in the last 2 decades has exposed children to toxic contents that have evolved into cultural structures.

    Ibrahim said that the 13 custodians from different denominations will have various tasks towards promoting improved moral content for the media as well as brainstorming toward proffering solutions to the several economic challenges bedevilling Nigeria while entertaining its cumulative 200 million viewers for 40 days.
    “We have received several questions from different people, and some of those questions are bordering on why should the church community have a reality TV show? Is it necessary? And how will it be, comparing it with other things that have happened? We are going to be hosting or housing selected Christian youths from different denominations; those from the Roman Catholic background, those from the Pentecostal background, and those from the Celestial Church background. We are bringing them together for 40 days and their core assignment is to answer several challenges bedeviling our country, Nigeria

    “They are going to have assignments, there are things they are going to be doing. It will interest you to know that dignitaries will come into the house to launch several projects, and these projects are going to have a strong bearing on the lives of people, practically.

    “Our country has been labeled the poverty capital of the world, one of the unsafe places to give birth to children, one of the most insecure zones on Earth. And our country has been also labeled one of the most religious places on earth. It’s a sharp contrast! How can people that are crying to God every day be number one in areas of negatives, there is a knowledge gap, there is an action gap and that knowledge and action gap is going to be breached by the father’s house.”

    He said that the show is non-denominational for viewers as it is National development-oriented. He also stated that the show will open on 30th April while the house will open for the custodians by 8th May 2022.

    According to him, the show is being sponsored by young people across Nigeria as a result of its importance. He assured that the show will not sell immoral content, but will deploy state-of-the-art equipment to ensure inspiring and innovative content.

    “We are going to use state-of-the-art equipment, a very serene and aesthetic environment to interpret the Word of God in such a way that the ordinary man on the street can understand. And I’m sure one of the questions bordering your mind is, is this for Christians? The program is designed even for non-Christians to watch. A Muslim can watch it, a traditionalist can watch it, and an atheist can also watch the Father’s house. It is going to be entertaining, it is going to be inspiring, but it is going to be national development-oriented.

    “We have young people across Nigeria that are volunteers for this project. They have worked hard to this point. And we have the fathers of faith across different divides that have not just prayed for this program, they are also going to be full supporters of the program. What we want to create for 40 days, Nigeria, Africa and the rest of the world will not recover from what will happen in the Father’s house because we are bringing content that has not been seen before. We are not going to sell nudity, we are not going to sell profanity, we are not going to sell vulgar languages; no we cannot do that. But we are bringing inspiration, innovation, creativity that can keep the whole family glued to the television almost 24 hours a day,” he added.

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