• Billionaire Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin elevate the standard of living for a poor Nigerian farmer and family [Watch Video]

  • Earlier this week, when a farmer Gloria Richard and her family left their home in Warri in search of daily bread in a land belonging to the Christ Mercyland church, little did she and her family of seven know that their story was about to change.

    The family was illegally farming on the clerics land they coincidentally encountered the founder of the church, who was passing through the location along the expressway.

    In her narration, Gloria stated that they had imagined the worst upon seeing the heavy security but met their life transforming moment.
    Battling with a rent and already forced into a slump as their five children are out of school with the husband jobless, the encounter saw the family receiving a fully furnished apartment, scholarships for three of the children, N2 million business start up fund for the woman and a tricycle to enable the  head of the family, Richard earn income.
    Fufeyin noted that while the church is committed to meeting the spiritual needs of people, assuaging the plight that the masses face daily remained sacrosanct.

    He stressed that the church provided three scholarships and empowered the couples to be able earn and take responsibility for themselves and the other two kids. 

    Narrating her story, Richard said she was forced to relocate to a one room apartment in the slump in Warri after she couldn’t afford the rent with the husband, adding that her children had been out of school for lack of finance.

    While the church had sent delegates to the slump after the encounter at the farm, the church paid for a new apartment and furnished it for the family 
    In a development that sent jubilation across her neighbourhood, the woman while narrating her story at the prophet’s church where the scholarships, financial support and tricycle were provided bursted to tears.

    To her, it was like a dream because she had never handled such fund and didn’t imagine her ordeal could sudden turn around.

    “Prophet changed my life. I didn’t not expect this,” she said while rolling on floor with her well wishers.

    The Almighty God Bless Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin and Mercy TV.

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